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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Modern Nursery Song by Frank Parkes

Modern Nursery Song

Modern Nursery Song by Frank Parkes

Little bird, little bird Can I come along with you? I like the smoothness of your flight I’d love to come with you And in your warm and cosy nest Play with your little ones.

Little child, little child My poor wings are not that strong I’d love to fly you to my nest And give you nuts and sweet, sweet things But I’ll take along your love so warm To my wee feathery ones

O huge bird, shining bird Can I come along with you? I like the brightness of your wing I’d love to fly with you And on the sunny sands to play With sun-beams on the surf

Get you gone, silly one I can’t waste my time on you My eyes watch out for bigger fry With power in their purse There’s a big, black owl will bear you free To where wee demons play Little owl, mushroom owl Can I come along with you?

©copyright: Frank Parkes 1932-2004

Frank Parkes was born in Ghana in 1932. His grandfather was a West Indian, his father a Sierra Leonean, and his mother a Fanti. He was educated in Sierra Leone and Ghana, and has had a varied journalistic and broadcasting career. A book of his poems, Songs from the Wilderness, was published in 1965.

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