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Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Themes Of “The Dining Table"

The Themes Of “The Dining Table”

                                              the dining table poem gbanabon Hallowell

The Themes Of Political Revolution And Struggle For Freedom In Gbanabom Hallowell’s “The Dining Table”

The Dining Table by Gbanabom Hallowell is a political dissention poem; no dispute about that. Such led the content of the poem to germinate the themes of political revolution and struggle for freedom.

Political revolution always leads to chaotic atmospheric situations which is not different from Hallowell’s sympathetic narration. The revolutionary picture of the poem revealed brutality, desperate inhumanity to humans, the use of guns and harmful weapons. On top of that, the victims were placed in condition of homelessness. Victims homelessness gathered every age to the so-called “dinner table”; including the sleepless barefooted children with eyes so sharp and alert like switchblades because the effect of the war or sudden attack had taken away their peace and clipped their voices with silence.

On the side of "the struggle for freedom", the gathering as portrayed by the poet motivates the need for freedom. Common to nights of every assaults, abnormal alertness backed by fear was evident in the poem because the people gathered in an insecure place “where guerillas walk the land while crocodiles surf”; their freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to live are totally reduced. Their highest wish would be to acquire their deprived freedom.

The poem speaker made the readers to realise how strong revenge was in his heart but the fatigue and pains the bullets have caused, made his/her revolutionary intention so impossible: “Under the spilt milk of the moon, I promise to be a revolutionary, but my Nile, even without tributaries come lazy upon its own Nile.”

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